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Thursday, September 20, 2001


4.05pm, Ayr, Saturday, September 22, 2001, Class B, Showcase Handicap, Total Prize fund £100,000. 6f. For three-year-olds & upwards. Lowest weight: 7st 10lb; highest weight: not less than 9st 10lb. Any horse rated above 110 shall initially be treated as having that rating and the highest weight alloted shall be 9st 10lb. Subsequently, the excess over 110 in any rating shall be added to the weight allotted without limitation to the highest weight carried. Penalties: after August 25, a winner of a class D race 3lb; of a Class C race 5lb; of a Class A or B race 7lb. Entries closed Wednesday, August 22, 2001, entries and weights revealed Wednesday, August 29 (180 entries). Forfeit stage Tuesday, September 4, 2001 Five-day confirmation stage Monday, September 17, 2001 (134 entries). Final 48-hour declaration stage 10.00am, Thursday, September 20, 2001 (29 declared runners - maximum field)

Form Horse Age/Wt Owner Trainer Draw
1)041032 INDIAN SPARK 7-9-10 Frank Brady Jim Goldie 24
2)153315 HONESTY FAIR 4-9-09 (inc 7lbex) P and S Partnership Jeremy Glover 18
3)3-11 SUMMERHILL PARKES 3-9-08 Joseph Heler Michael Jarvis 13
4)120233 ELLENS ACADEMY (IRE) 6-9-07 K Lee and I Davies Eric Alston 6
5)030013 GUINEA HUNTER (IRE) 5-9-07 Martyn Burke Tim Easterby 25
6)100121 SMOKIN BEAU 4-9-06 (inc 7lbex) Turf 2000 Limited John Cullinan 15
7)0300-02 THE TATLING (IRE) 4-9-04 The Gardening Partnership David Nicholls 8
8)1045U3 NEEDWOOD BLADE 3-9-02 R L Bedding Bryan McMahon 16
9)21-021 GHAZAL (USA) 3-9-02(inc 5lbex) Hamdan Al Maktoum Sir Michael Stoute 29
10)100304 BREVITY 6-9-00 Eddie Hayward Milton Bradley 12
11)006420 PERFECT PEACH 6-8-13 Ann Morris Chris Fairhurst 26
12)203600 CANDLERIGGS (IRE) 5-8-12 The Right Angle Club Ed Dunlop 1
13)123110 JESSICA'S DREAM (IRE) 3-8-12 (inc 7lbex) Derek Hilton James Given 9
14)120205 MARSAD (IRE) 7-8-11 Canisbay Bloodstock Ltd Jon Akehurst 28
15)213000 UNDETERRED 5-8-10v Peter Savill David Nicholls 10
16)2-03500 CONTINENT 4-8-10 Lucayan Stud David Nicholls 22
17)003206 HALMAHERA (IRE) 6-8-09 Exors of the late Robert Hitchins Ian Balding 5
18)300300 AMBITIOUS 6-8-09 Dean Ivory Ken Ivory 27
19)002520 GET STUCK IN (IRE) 5-8-08 David Sutherland Linda Perratt 3
20)205063 THREEZEDZZ 3-8-08bl Steve Evans Jonny Portman 21
21)214221 TECHNICIAN (IRE) 6-8-08bl All Saints Racing Eric Alston 23
22)105030 DANIELLE'S LAD 5-8-08bl Mrs P K Chick Bryn Palling 17
23)12-1411 ANTONIO CANOVA 5-8-08 The Antonio Canova Partnership Bob Jones 20
24)000040 HO LENG (IRE) 6-8-07 Alan Guthrie Linda Perratt 2
25)161202 BANJO BAY (IRE) 3-8-07 Mrs C P Lees-Jones Bryan McMahon 4
26)104440 ARMAGNAC 3-8-06 C C Buckley Mark Buckley 7
27)135002 SEVEN NO TRUMPS 4-8-06 Paul McNamara Barry Hills 19
28)522030 ABBAJABBA 5-8-06 North Cheshire Trading & Storage Ltd Chris Fairhurst 14
29)630312 FIRE DOME (IRE) 9-8-05 Andrew Reid Andrew Reid 11

29 runners


3.30pm, Ayr, Friday, September 21, 2001, Class B, Showcase Handicap, Total Prize fund £100,000. 6f

1)300003 GALLOWAY BOY (IRE) 4-9-10t C P Byrne David Nicholls 23
2)665200 NIGHT FLIGHT 7-9-10 Charlie Stevens Richard Fahey 25
3)0-05153 IDLE POWER (IRE) 3-9-09 The Dreamers Peter Harris 2
4)000000 JUWWI 7-9-09 Milton Bradley Milton Bradley 16
5)010404 TAYIF 5-9-08t J Herrington, P Forster, J Hames David Nicholls 17
6)0-30005 LADY BOXER 5-9-08 Esprit de Corps Racing Michael Mullineaux 28
7)455261 CONNECT 4-9-08 (inc 5lbex) www.raceworld.co.uk Mark Tompkins 29
8)034000 PAYS D'AMOUR (IRE) 4-9-07 Mrs M W Bird Richard Hannon 19
9)105400 CANTINA 7-9-07 R Kinsey,Mrs M Kinsey & Miss B Roberts Alan Bailey 15
10)000000 RUDIK (USA) 4-9-07t Thoroughbred International David Nicholls 13
11)033420 PERUVIAN CHIEF (IRE) 4-9-06v M C S D Racing Ltd Nick Littmoden 12
12)350036 ZIETUNZEEN (IRE) 3-9-06 Chris & Antonia Deuters Alan Berry 8
13)100005 ZUHAIR 8-9-05 The Gardening Partnership David Nicholls 7
14)300526 JAMES STARK (IRE) 4-9-05bl Paul J Dixon Nick Littmoden 9
15)560050 NINEACRES 10-9-05bl Milton Bradley Milton Bradley 21
16)(2)51(0)06 BODFARI PRIDE (IRE) 6-9-05 Bodfari Stud Ltd David Nicholls 27
17)114113 MY AMERICAN BEAUTY 3-9-05 Peter G Gorvin Tim Easterby 10
18)136100 PIPS MAGIC (IRE) 5-9-04 Frank Brady Jim Goldie 3
19)500200 BOANERGES (IRE) 4-9-04 P A & D G Sakal Rae Guest 24
20)000060 LAGO DI VARANO 9-9-03bl The PBT Group Richard Whitaker 5
21)544100 PTARMIGAN RIDGE 5-9-03 Heather Galbraith Linda Perratt 18
22)005000 RAGAMUFFIN 3-9-01 Jennifer E Pallister Tim Easterby 1
23)213562 ONLY FOR GOLD 6-9-01 John Milner & Stephen Milner Alan Berry 4
24)110043 SHARP HAT 7-9-00 Miss N F Thesiger David Chapman 14
25)0-33000 DEBBIE'S WARNING 5-8-12 Nicola Spence Kevin Ryan 11
26)503050 COLLEGE MAID (IRE) 4-8-11 S Bruce Jim Goldie 6
27)120006 FRANCPORT 5-8-10 Mr & Mrs Julian and Rosie Richer Kevin Ryan 26
28)634300 ALEGRIA 5-8-10 Jeff Smith James Eustace 22
29)0-52060 YNYSMON 3-8-09 Chris & Antonia Deuters Alan Berry 20

29 runners


Effect of the draw

With a maximum field of 29 runners regularly sprinting down the straight six furlongs, the conundrum as to which side of the course is best to race on taxes punters year after year. Horses drawn high race down the stands' side, horses drawn low come out of stalls on the far side.

Stall number: Ayr Gold Cup/Silver Cup

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Runners Going
2000 7/26 2/20 23/27 10/9 28/29 S
1999 17/14 28/10 18/24 21/13 28/29 G/S. S pchs bk strt
1998 8/4 1/11 2/14 7/16 29/29 G/S, S pchs
1997 24/28 9/22 1/3 7/4 29/28 G, G/S pchs bk strt
1996 28/27 29/25 27/22 25/5 28/28 G/F,FiP
1995 27/25 20/22 28/26 26/23 29/28 G
1994 29/8 15/5 16/13 8/1 29/27 G/S
1993 8/10 17/12 9/3 2/6 29/28 G/F
1992 28/11 8/14 25/7 3/10 28/29 S
1991 18 16 28 12 28 G
1990 8 1 2 18 29 G/S
1989 6 5 14 9 29 S,HvP
1988 6 12 10 28 29 G/S
1987 4 14 17 12 29 G/S
1986 17 29 23 11 29 F
1985 5 7 8 16 25 Hv
1984 29 5 26 6 29 S
1983 15 13 8 11 28 S
1982 5 8 4 9 14 G/S
1981 16 20 11 4 21 S
1980 8 6 1 3 24 S

Horses drawn on the stands' side (high draw) have fared extremely well in the past few years - winners Wildwood Flower (1997), Coastal Bluff (1996), Royale Figurine (1995), Daring Destiny (1994) and Lochsong (1992) were all drawn on or very close to the stands rail. From 1995-97, that trend was repeated in the Tote (Ayr) Silver Cup, but in both races in 1999, horses drawn in the middle fared best. Last year, the Gold Cup winner was drawn low and the Silver Cup winner high.

A low draw had the call from 1987 to 1990. The ground was good to soft at best in all four of those years while successes from a high draw came on ground ranging from soft (Lochsong) to good to firm with firm patches (Coastal Bluff).

The table below shows the most successful stall positions in the Tote Ayr Gold Cup since 1980, with 4 points awarded for a win, 3 pts for 2nd place, 2 pts for 3rd place and 1 pt for fourth. Stall eight comes out a clear best - horses drawn there have finished in the frame in nine of the last 21 runnings - but the very high stall numbers have made giant strides in the last few years.

Stall number Points

8 27
28 16
5 14
6 12
29 14
17 13
16 10
1 10

Ante-post punters should note that the ground has been softer than good in 16 of the last 21 renewals of the Tote Ayr Gold Cup, but it would be hard to say categorically that the state of the going has had a significant bearing on the effect of the draw.

Close finishes have been the norm in recent runnings of the Tote Ayr Gold Cup, including Grangeville's head success over Evening Promise in 1999, with a distance of half a length or less deciding the race in all but eight of the last 21. One of the exceptions was Bahamian Pirate's success by a length and a quarter last year. Sarcita's three and a half
length win in 1991 was the second-widest winning distance since the War, the widest being the four lengths when Egualita won in 1963.Tote Ayr Gold Cup

Fate of the favourites

The Tote Ayr Gold Cup has been a difficult race for favourites, with only one market leader prevailing in 32 runnings before Coastal Bluff landed a huge popular gamble in 1996. That said, major shocks are uncommon - only seven post-War winners have started at odds of 25/1 or longer, three of them in the 1980s and Bahamian Pirate last year.

Year Favourite SP Finishing position
2000 Gaelic Storm 8/1 4th
1999 Astonished 3/1 13th
1998 Superior Premium 9/1 18th
1997 Oggi 6/1 9th
1995 Branston Abby 7/1 10th
1994 Double Blue 4/1 11th
1993 Everglades 7/1 7th
1992 Venture Capitalist 8/1 23rd
1991 Bold Habit 6/1 17th
1990 Master Pokey 17/2 5th
1989 Master Pokey 6/1 9th
1988 Glencroft 5/1 12th
1987 Umbelata 5/1 23rd
1986 Felipe Toro 5/1 2nd
1985 Air Command 8/1 9th
1984 Polly's Brother 8/1 19th
1983 Hollywood Party 7/1 16th
1982 Camisite 9/2 3rd
1981 Piperhill 13/2 14th
1980 Flower 13/2 12th
1979 Cree Song 8/1 4th
1977 Cedar Grange 13/2 16th
1976 Roman Warrior 3/1 8th
1975 Lochnager 9/2 3rd
1974 Sarasota Star 9/2 2nd
1973 Bas Bleu 5/2 3rd
1972 Abergwaun 5/2 3rd
1971 Ballynockan 5/1 17th
1970 Saratoga Skiddy 4/1 10th
1969 Saratoga Skiddy 8/1 3rd
1968 Be Friendly 5/2 6th
1967 Forlorn River 7/1 5th
1966 Vibrant 6/1 10th
1965 Wiljotur 6/1 13th
1964 Windscale 9/1 13th

Age - in winning 42 of the 55 post-War runnings, three and four-year-olds have dominated proceedings. The age profile is 22 wins for 3-y-os, 20 for 4-y-os, eight for 5-y-os, four for 6-y-os and one for a 7-y-o, Hard To Figure in 1993.

Weight - since 1946, 12 winners have carried 9st or more, 25 were in the 8st bracket and 18 in the 7st bracket. Coastal Bluff won under top weight of 9st 10lb in 1996, but you have to go back to 1975 for the next most recent victory by a top-weight, that of Roman Warrior who shouldered a record 10st.

Trainers - Ian Balding, successful with Grangeville in 1999 and Lochsong in 1992, joins Karl Burke, successful with Always Alight in 1998 and Daring Destiny in 1994 and Sir Michael Stoute, who won with Blue Cashmere in 1973 and Vaigly Great in 1978, as the only current trainers to have won the Tote Ayr Gold Cup more than once.

Jockeys - Among current jockeys, Jimmy Fortune (Joveworth 1989, Coastal Bluff 1996) has taken the Tote Ayr Gold Cup twice.


Classic Glory for Goffs

VINNIE ROE added to the Classic tally for Goffs Orby Sale graduates in
Saturday's Jefferson Smurfit Memorial Irish St Leger. He became the first
3-y-o winner of the race since 1989 and this achievement was endorsed by the
quality of the horses in the minor placings- last year's English St Leger
winner Millenary, Godolphin's Marienbad and leading stayer Persian Punch.

Vinnie Roe is owned in partnership by film producer Jim Sheridan and Italian
owner Antonio Balzarini, and is trained by Dermot Weld. He was bred by
Virginia Moeran who sold him for 48,000 gns as a foal at the 1998 Goffs
November Sales, and he made £50,000 at the following year's Orby Sale when
consigned by Yeomanstown Stud who incidentally also consigned his sire
Definite Article as a yearling.

A third winner of the race for trainer Dermot Weld, Vinnie Roe may now try
to emulate his trainer's dual Irish St Leger hero Vintage Crop by heading to
Australia for the Melbourne Cup in November. It would be unbelievable if a
three-year-old from the Northern Hemisphere could win that tough two-mile
handicap but Weld has made a habit of defying standard practice and winning
major races all around the world.

Vinnie Roe's win was also a first Classic victory for jockey Pat Smullen
who now looks likely to successfully defend his Irish jockeys' title. On St
Leger weekend at the Curragh, he teamed up with Weld to win two valuable
handicaps on improving three-year-olds One More Round and Diamond Trim. One
More Round, owned by St Leger sponsor Michael Smurfit, was particularly
impressive and looks one to follow for the remainder of the season.

Aidan's tops at home and abroad

AIDAN O'BRIEN is virtually assured of becoming champion Flat trainer in both
Ireland and Britain this season following two more Group 1 winners in the
space of 24 hours on either side of the Irish Sea. Mick Kinane was aboard
both horses, first steering Milan to a smooth five-length victory in the
Doncaster St Leger and then taking the National Stakes at the Curragh on
easy scorer Hawk Wing.

Yet another son of the mighty Sadler's Wells, Milan went off the strong 13/8
favourite for the St Leger and was given a fine tactical ride by Kinane.

Faced with a strong headwind in the finishing straight, Milan was tucked in
behind the leaders before pouncing in the final furlong. He won easily and
is now being targetted at the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp on
October 7th.

"I think he will run a big race in the Arc," said Kinane who was winning the
St Leger on his first ride in the race. An improving colt, Milan is
generally quoted at 8/1 for the Paris race. Confirmation from O'Brien and
joint-owner Michael Tabor that the St Leger winner will run at Longchamp put
an end to speculation that Galileo would represent the stable in that race.

The dual Derby winner remains on course for the Breeders' Cup Classic at
Belmont Park on October 27th.

Hawk Wing proved another winning favourite for O'Brien and Kinane when
landing the National Stakes by a comfortable two and a half lengths, setting
a course record for the seven-furlong track in the process. This Woodman
colt has been promoted to joint-favourite for next year's Newmarket 2,000
Guineas and Kinane certainly has a high opinion of him. "He is a very high
class colt and one to look forward to next year," he said. "He is a huge
horse, just starting to fill his frame and there is loads of stamina in his

O'Brien has now won 16 Group 1 races this season in Europe this season and,
if he wins the British trainers' title, he will be the first Irish-based
trainer to do so since Vincent O'Brien in 1977.

Aidan O'Brien's 16 Group 1 Winners this season

Galileo - Epsom Derby, Irish Derby, King George & Queen Elizabeth Diamond
Mozart - July Cup, Nunthorpe Stakes
Imagine - Irish 1,000 Guineas, Epsom Oaks
Black Minnaloushe - Irish 2,000 Guineas, St James's Palace Stakes
Johannesburg - Phoenix Stakes, Prix Morny
Rose Gypsy - Poule d'Essai des Pouliches
King Charlemagne - Prix Maurice de Gheest
Quarter Moon - Moyglare Stud Stales
Milan - Doncaster St Leger
Hawk Wing - National Stakes

Rogers has flying fillies

OWNER and breeder Mrs Sonia Rogers had her colours carried to success by two
very nice three-year-old fillies at Doncaster and the Curragh. Her Caerleon
filly Alleleuia won the Doncaster Cup and, at the Curragh, she was
represented by the Con Collins-trained Magic Cove, winner of the Listed
Solonaway Stakes. Runner-up in the Solonaway Stakes, beaten a head, was the
Aidan O'Brien-trained Beckett, making his first start since winning last
year's National Stakes.

On the same Curragh card, trainer Kevin Prendergast captured the Listed
Blenheim Stakes with his smart two-year-old filly Miss Beabea. A daughter of
Catrail, Miss Beabea thoroughly deserved this success having run well in the
Phoenix Stakes and Moyglare Stud Stakes, both Group 1 races.

There were four non-Pattern races for juveniles at the two-day Curragh
meeting and Aidan O'Brien won THREE of them. Two were sons of first season
sires standing at Coolmore Stud. Lahinch, a colt by Danehill Dancer, won a
five-furlong maiden by a length while the Entrepreneur colt Bringontheclowns
won a seven-furlong maiden by half a length. O'Brien also won a six-furlong
maiden with the Danehill colt Salentino.

Weekend Treble for Berry

FRAN BERRY rode three winners at the two-day Curragh meeting over the
weekend. The highlight of his treble was his success in the Group 3
Blandford Stakes on the John Oxx-trained Dearly. A three-year-old by Rahy,
Dearly was held up for a late run by Berry in this 10-furlong race for
fillies and surged to the front close home to beat Affianced by three-parts
of a length. Incidentally, the runner-up had been in action just five days
earlier when beaten a head in a Listed race at Galway by Mutakarrim, another
of Dermot Weld's original Melbourne Cup entries.

Galileo form looking hot

GALILEO'S form just keeps getting better and better. Aidan O'Brien's star
three-year-old was paid a compliment when stable companion Milan won the
Doncaster St Leger and again when Golan triumphed in the Group 2 Prix Niel
at Longchamp.

Earlier this year, Galileo beat Milan comfortably in a trial race at
Leopardstown while Golan finished behind Galileo in both the Epsom Derby and
Irish Derby. For good measure, Prix Foy winner Hightori also has form with
Galileo having filled third spot in the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
Diamond Stakes at Ascot.

The Irish-bred Golan, a son of Spectrum, looks to have a leading chance in
the next month's Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe as the last six winners of the
Prix Niel to run in the Arc have all won the race. They include the John
Oxx-trained Sinndar, impressive winner of last year's Arc and now standing
at Gilltown Stud in Co Kildare.

Take a look at Tattersalls

GRAND LODGE, sire of Sinndar and the stallion whose progeny were very much
in demand at the recent Doncaster sales, has no less than 17 yearlings
catalogued for the Tattersalls (Ireland) September Sale. They include a
half-brother to Bella Chica, winner of this year's 200,000 pounds Breeders'
Stakes and every yearling in this year's sale is eligible for the equivalent
race next year.

Starting on September 25th, the two-day sale also includes 12 yearlings by
Vinnie Roe's sire Definite Article two colts by Vettori - sire of Hightori -
and a colt by Spectrum, sire of Golan. Danehill, sire of Prix Vermeille
winner Aquarelliste, has two fillies in the sale.

Other top sires with yearlings in the sale include Barathea, Cadeaux
Genereux, Danehill Dancer, General Monash, Green Desert, Hernando, Indian
Ridge, Machiavellian, Mujadil, Night Shift, Pivotal, Royal Applause, Tagula
and With Approval.

Further details of the catalogue, which contains 600 yearlings, can be
viewed on the internet at www.tattersalls.ie or
copies can be ordered by 'phoning 00 353 1 8864300.

Tattersalls (Ireland) stages the one-day Open Yearling Sale on September
27th and among the 250 lots in this catalogue are 11 yearlings by Danehill
Dancer, four by Definite Article, a filly by Machiavellian and three colts
by the prolific Mujadil.

Get along to Goffs

AIRLIE STUD will consign nine yearlings to the Orby Sale at Goffs next month
and they include a half-brother to recent Listed winner Magic Cove. The colt
by In The Wings is also a half-brother to two other stakes-winners in Tipsy
Creek and Wathik.

Another Airlie Stud yearling which should attract plenty of interest is the
Marju colt out of a half-sister to Hong Kong champion Indigenous - also by
Marju. The same vendor also sells a Lear Fan half-sister to Group 2 winner

Magic Cove is by Kingmambo, also sire of recent Group winner Dubai
Destination and there is an exceptionally well-bred Kingmambo colt in the
Orby Sale. Sent up by Kilcarn Stud, this yearling is out of the
stakes-placed Spirit Of Tara, a half-sister to Marju, Salsabil and several
other stakes-winners.

There's bound to be huge interest in the first crop of yearlings by Arc
winner Peintre Celebre and his 15 yearlings in the Orby Sale include a colt
out of the champion three-year-old filly Marwell.

Another lot which catches the eye is lot 83, a Selkirk half-brother to this
year's John Smith's Cup winner Foreign Affairs. This yearling is being sold
by Staffordstown Stud which also consigns a Selkirk half-brother to German
champion Caitano.

The two-day Orby Sale begins on October 9th and the catalogue is dripping
with quality bloodlines. The one-day Challenge Sale at Goffs on October 11th
is well worth waiting for too as it features over 250 yearlings, all
eligible for a 130,000 euro race at the Curragh next year.

Jump to it at Listowel

THE six-day Listowel Festival kicks off on Monday, September 24th and among
the likely favourites for the 100,000 pounds Kerry National is Rockholm Boy.

Already winner of the Midlands National at Kilbeggan earlier this year, the
Michael Hourigan-trained gelding won the valuable Smirnoff Handicap Chase at
Galway on his latest start.

Hourigan has four other entries in the Kerry National including top weight
and previous winner Dorans Pride. However, no decision will be made on his
participation in the big chase until after he has contested a charity race
on the opening day of the Listowel Festival with his trainer in the saddle.

Another trainer to watch at Listowel is Tony Mullins who has been sending
out winners at a regular rate all summer. At the recent three-day Galway
September meeting, he saddled three winners and all are worth following.

Novice chaser Rash Decision looks an ideal type for next year's Galway
Plate; The Baltimore Man is an improving hurdler who loves good ground, and
bumper winner Bannow Drive is a smart stayer in the making and could be a
Grand National horse one day.

In Brief...

THE point-to-point season will resume on September 29th and over 30 meetings
are scheduled to take place before the end of November...CURRAGH trainer
David Hanley, who prepared recent Grade 1 Del Mar Irish-bred winner Golden
Apples, will move to America at the end of the year...TRIPLE Champion Hurdle
winner Istabraq is back in work and the plan is to run him at Leopardstown
after Christmas...ALFIE Buller of Scarvagh House Stud was presented with an
award for outstanding achievement by the Northern Ireland region of the
Irish Thoroughbred Breeders' Association...

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