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Monday, July 13, 2009


The Turf Club today published the report into the incident at the start of the Seamus Mulvaney Crockafotha Handicap Hurdle on July 14th when the race was started without Warcraft.

The main conclusions from the report are as follows:

a) The incident arose as a result of the starting procedures not being followed. This was due to human error.

b) To reduce the possibility of a reoccurrence of the incident an additional procedure will now be put in place whereby the Starter will contact the Clerk of the Course before each race to confirm with him the number of runners that are at the start prior to each race starting.

c) While the information announced to the public prior to the start of the enquiry was vague, the Stewards main concern at that time was to ensure that no betting tickets were discarded prior to the outcome of the enquiry being determined. The Turf Club will note the concerns subsequently raised regarding the lack of communication and will endeavour to include as much information, where possible, in future announcements prior to any enquiry commencing.

Commenting on the report, Turf Club Chief Executive, Denis Egan said that “the incident was most unfortunate and was due to human error. The main thing to ensure is that a similar incident does not arise again which is why we have now introduced an additional check at the start. We have also taken on board the issues which were raised with regard to communication and these will be addressed.”

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