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Monday, April 9, 2007


Class 1, Grade 3, £700,000 total Prize Fund. Aintree, Saturday, April 14. For six-year-olds old and upwards which are allotted a rating of 110 or more by the Senior BHB Jumps Handicapper following a review of the horses entered and after taking account of races run up to and including February 11, 2007. Horses which are not qualified for a rating in Great Britain or Ireland at January 31, 2007, may also be entered. Such horses may be eligible for a weight providing the Handicapper is satisfied that the horse's racecourse performances to February 11, 2007, would merit a minimum rating of 110. To qualify horses must have run at least three times in Steeple Chases run under the Rules of Racing of the same Recognised Turf Authority up to and including February 11, 2007. At the Handicapper's discretion such horses may be allocated a rating. The decision of the Senior BHB NH Handicapper shall be final. No penalties after publication of the weights. Entries closed January 31, entries revealed February 1 (119 entries), weights revealed February 13, first forfeit stage March 6 (106 remained), second forfeit stage March 27 (81 remained). Six-day confirmation stage April 9 (68 confirmed), final declaration stage 10.00am, April 12. Form figures supplied by Wetherbys and are correct up to and including the racing of Sunday, April 8, 2007.

Form Horse Age/Wgt Owner Trainer

1. 04222-50 HEDGEHUNTER (IRE) 11-11-12 Trevor Hemmings Willie Mullins IRE
2. 1222-565 FOTA ISLAND (IRE) 11-11-09 J P McManus Mouse Morris IRE
3. P/411P-1 EUROTREK (IRE) 11-11-08 Paul Green Paul Nicholls
4. 243-53420 L'AMI (FR) 8-11-08 J P McManus Francois Doumen FR
5. 2643-344 MONKERHOSTIN (FR) 10-11-06 Martin St Quinton Philip Hobbs
6. P63-22U30 ARMATURK (FR) 10-11-05 Trevor Hemmings Paul Nicholls
7. 14/3F-2520 THISTHATANDTOTHER (IRE) 11-11-05 Graham Roach Paul Nicholls
8. 410U-513 BILLYVODDAN (IRE) 8-11-04 Trevor Hemmings Henry Daly
9. B4431-404 NUMBERSIXVALVERDE (IRE) 11-11-03 Bernard Carroll Martin Brassil IRE
10. 324-26UU IDLE TALK (IRE) 8-11-02 Trevor Hemmings Donald McCain Jnr
11. F00-65036 ROYAL AUCLAIR (FR) 10-11-01 Clive Smith Paul Nicholls
12. 3/-0FP10F CLOUDY BAYS (IRE) 10-11-00 Cloudy Bay Syndicate Charles Byrnes IRE
13. 1F22300 KNOWHERE (IRE) 9-10-13 Raymond Mould Nigel Twiston-Davies
14. 06-10302P2 KELAMI (FR) 9-10-12 Halewood International Ltd Francois Doumen FR
15. 1-P04B133 POINT BARROW (IRE) 9-10-12 Mrs P Clune Hughes Pat Hughes IRE
16. 124420-P CELTIC SON (FR) 8-10-11 David Johnson David Pipe
17. 11-52611 SIMON 8-10-11 Mercy Rimell John Spearing
18. U20P5P0 BALLYCASSIDY (IRE) 11-10-09 Roddy Owen/Paul Fullagar Peter Bowen
19. 313-6FP CLAN ROYAL (FR) 12-10-09 J P McManus Jonjo O'Neill
20. 1125-130 GALLANT APPROACH (IRE) 8-10-09 Byrne Bros (Formwork) Ltd Charles Egerton
21. 50442250 LIVINGSTONEBRAMBLE (IRE) 11-10-09 Favourites Racing Willie Mullins IRE
22. 110-0F251 DUN DOIRE (IRE) 8-10-08 Dunderry Racing Syndicate Tony Martin IRE
23. 0410-010 KANDJAR D'ALLIER (FR) 9-10-08 Let's Live Racing Alan King
24. 2-33P3F5 SLIM PICKINGS (IRE) 8-10-08 Doubtful Five Syndicate Tom Taaffe IRE
25. 540-232 ZABENZ (NZ) 10-10-08 Michael Watt Philip Hobbs
26. 236P-420 BEWLEYS BERRY (IRE) 9-10-07 Andrea & Graham Wylie Howard Johnson
27. P146/0-1 LONGSHANKS 10-10-07 Alan Halsall Kim Bailey
28. 5115UP BOTHAR NA (IRE) 8-10-06 Mrs Michael O'Dwyer Willie Mullins IRE
29. 2163-53U GRAPHIC APPROACH (IRE) 9-10-06 Mr & Mrs Peter Orton Charles Egerton
30. 233-0F11 HOMER WELLS (IRE) 9-10-06 Margaret McMahon Willie Mullins IRE
31. U5014-400 LIBERTHINE (FR) 8-10-06 Robert Waley-Cohen Nicky Henderson
32. /4PPF-0242 SILVER BIRCH (IRE) 10-10-06 Brian Walsh (Co Kildare) Gordon Elliott IRE
33. BP21P6-0 PHILSON RUN (IRE) 11-10-05 Gale Force One Nick Williams
34. 0/60-5520P PUNTAL (FR) 11-10-05 Terry Neill David Pipe
35. 3-41R21PP THE OUTLIER (IRE) 9-10-05 P J Murphy Venetia Williams
36. 2000-0440 TIKRAM 10-10-05 Mike Charlton/Rodger Sargent Alan King
37. U2-41061 MCKELVEY (IRE) 8-10-04 N Elliott Peter Bowen
38. 0411530P NAUNTON BROOK 8-10-04 David Langdon Nigel Twiston-Davies
39. 0F5P-2U IRIS ROYAL (FR) 11-10-03 Sir Robert Ogden Nicky Henderson
40. U0-000402 JACK HIGH (IRE) 12-10-03 Brenda Ross M McShane D Montgomery W Moore Ted Walsh IRE
41. 11PP0-5120 SONEVAFUSHI (FR) 9-10-03 Brian Dice Venetia Williams
42. 4006-001 JOES EDGE (IRE) 10-10-02 Chemipetro Limited Ferdy Murphy
43. 2UU-0043 LE DUC (FR) 8-10-02 The Stewart Family Paul Nicholls
44. 2SR550-33 RISK ACCESSOR (IRE) 12-10-02 J P McManus Jonjo O'Neill
45. PS3344402 DUNBRODY MILLAR (IRE) 9-10-01 Dundon Else Partnership Peter Bowen
46. 1-U2P00551 UNDENIABLE 9-10-01 Keith Nicholson Sue Smith
47. 11222-F50 HAKIM (NZ) 13-10-00 T N Siviter John Spearing
48. 51-050650 JOUEUR D'ESTRUVAL (FR) 10-10-00 Violet O'Leary Willie Mullins IRE
49. 00-12100 LOU DU MOULIN MAS (FR) 8-10-00 The Eight Amigos Racing Syndicate Paul Nicholls
50. 04400200 SYBELLIUS D'ARTAIX (FR) 7-10-00 Fergus Wilson P T J Murphy
51. F111-000 IVOIRE DE BEAULIEU (FR) 11-9-13 I Todd, F Murphy, C Leigh, S Holman Ferdy Murphy
52. 0215360FP MARBLE GARDEN (USA) 6-9-13 Fergus Wilson P T J Murphy
53. 3136B220 COWBOYBOOTS (IRE) 9-9-12 David Gower Lawrence Wells
54. P1554U000 IRON MAN (FR) 6-9-12 Roddy Owen/Paul Fullagar Peter Bowen
55. 202-1542 PARSONS LEGACY (IRE) 9-9-12 R A S Offer Philip Hobbs
56. 0501-PP01 THE BANDIT (IRE) 10-9-11 Richard Lavelle Emma Lavelle
57. 1331//1P-P FAIR PROSPECT 11-9-10 J P McManus Mrs A M O’Shea IRE
58. 0F-263P JUST IN DEBT (IRE) 11-9-10 Gill and Bill Hazeldean Martin Todhunter
59. 00-043PP0 IRIS BLEU (FR) 11-9-09 Martin Pipe David Pipe
60. 40-P40P6 MODEL SON (IRE) 9-9-06 P J Hughes Developments Ltd Alison Thorpe
61. 3PP-00P5 KORELO (FR) 9-9-05 Phil Dukes Steve Gollings
62. 13/1P6/-P MARK THE MAN (IRE) 10-9-03 J P McManus Noel Meade IRE
63. 0/UPP-3PP EXIT SWINGER (FR) 12-9-02 Sandicroft Stud Richard Ford
64. U00/-16U3P RIDE THE STORM (IRE) 10-9-01 Nelius Hayes Edward O'Grady IRE
65. 220-333P2P ESPOIR DU BOCAGE (FR) 12-8-11 J E & T E Wilson Michael Scudamore
66. 021245032 SHANNON'S PRIDE (IRE) 11-8-11 JAS Partnership Richard Guest
67. 63-31354 THEATRE KNIGHT (IRE) 9-8-11 Andrea & Graham Wylie Howard Johnson
68.24U-PPPP HEROS COLLONGES (FR) 12-8-06 Andy Peake Norma Macauley

68 entries remain at the confirmation stage on April 9, 2007
16 Irish-trained
2 French-trained

Maximum 40 runners

The 13 horses taken out today

1135-1140 FORGET THE PAST 9-11-09 Sean Mulryan Michael O'Brien IRE
11151-16 STATE OF PLAY 7-11-08 William & Angela Rucker Evan Williams
211UU-3P00 BOLD BISHOP (IRE) 10-10-12 Gay Smith Jonjo O'Neill
F-F60P00 INNOX (FR) 11-10-08 J P McManus Francois Doumen FR
2P063403 GROUND BALL (IRE) 10-10-07 J P McManus Charlie Swan IRE
1312-452 OSSMOSES (IRE) 10-10-05 Don Forster Don Forster
132P0-50F2 GARVIVONNIAN (IRE) 12-10-04 Angela Long Ned Mitchell IRE
33-035244 A NEW STORY (IRE) 9-10-00 Storey's Over Syndicate Michael Hourigan IRE
51P-0000P G V A IRELAND (IRE) 9-9-13 Exors Of The Late Donal O'Buachalla Francis Flood IRE
16-660P206 DUBLIN HUNTER (IRE) 11-9-10 Woodlawn Racing Syndicate Dessie Hughes IRE
51P0/-PP SOLARIUS (FR) 10-9-06 Fergus Wilson -
R0032PP DAUPHIN DES CARRES (FR) 9-9-01 Judith Wilson Robert Stronge
01P-P114P BANG AND BLAME (IRE) 11-8-10 Edward Wilkin Mick Easterby

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