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Monday, December 15, 2003


The result of the thrilling 2003 Godolphin Seven Stars, the world's greatest free-to-enter Internet competition, was in doubt until well into the last day, Sunday, December 14.

Firebreak's fifth in the Hong Kong Mile meant that Nasser Omar Hassan from the United Arab Emirates held on to his long-established lead, three points ahead of Italy's Shirly Tammam who would have won if the final Godolphin runner of the year had finished third or better.

The seven Godolphin horses Nasser picked in March amassed 469 points in races around the world - Sulamani (185), Mamool (95), Mezzo Soprano (73), Naheef (52), Highdown (48), Singing Poet (10) and Parhelion (6).

Nasser is the first resident of Dubai, Godolphin's home country, to win the tremendous Godolphin Seven Stars competition which is in its fourth year.

His wonderful prize is US$100,000 plus seven nights at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in a duplex suite for the 2004 Dubai World Cup meeting.

Shirly collects US$50,000 while the third, Ali Amini from Bahrain, wins US$30,000, the fourth Hisham Alteeqani from Sudan US$15,000 and the fifth Nasser Al Ameri from the United Arab Emirates US$5,000.

The Godolphin Seven Stars, which will be run again next year, attracts an enormous number of entries from around the world. In the top 50 table at the end of the 2003 competition, 17 countries are represented.

Nasser had not entered the Godolphin Seven Stars before this year, making it first time lucky, something he can hardly believe.

"I have not been lucky before this, never having won anything. I heard about the competition and said I would give it a try. I never expected to win."

He has spent a long time on the leader board this year and realised that he had a good chance of winning something when moving up to sixth. Then he was fourth before he took the lead.

"I became excited, looking at the horses week by week, and was very worried on Sunday because I did not have Firebreak among my horses."

But everything ended well for the 26-year-old who is in the second year of a business degree as well as working as a training supervisor for Emirates.

Nasser, who enjoys playing the flute and the organ, does not have a great knowledge of horseracing but went through the form of the Godolphin horses before making his Seven Stars picks.

He is really looking forward to staying at the remarkable Burj Al Arab Hotel and has yet to make any decisions about what he will do with the US$100,000, though at least some will be earmarked for needy children.

Information about the 2004 Godolphin Seven Stars competition will be posted on the Godolphin Internet site, www.godolphin.com, in the New Year.

The 2004 Godolphin Seven Stars competition will be open for entries from March 1, to March 26, at 11.59pm Dubai time. The competition ends on December 12, 2004.

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